J.M. Miles Construction, Inc.

PO BOX 285 Baxley, GA 31515
Telephone: 912-367-5747    Fax: 912-367-5749

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              Welcome to
J.M. Miles Construction, Inc.

Mailing Address:                   Physical Address:
PO Box 285                            637 Brobston St
Baxley, GA 31515                  Baxley, GA 31513

Phone:  912-367-5747      Fax: 912-367-5749
email: customerservice@jmmilesconstruction.com

Industrial Projects Completed

                Customized Work Platform
* All aluminum construction with maximum 2000
  lbs load rating.
* Designed and manufactured in-house and field assembled.

                 Customized Work Platform

                Rigging Frame Fixtures
*65,000lbs lifting capacity rating
*field tested to verify quality of maufacture

          Conveyor Systems (Rayonier)
*various construction types available: log, pan, belt, drag, live roller and chain.
*capability of manufacturing custom conveyors up to 48 inch belt width

    Rayonier Swainsboro, GA  (Conveyor)

           Tank built for Siemens Company

           Interior of tank built for Siemens

                Plant Vogle Firing Range

                Plant Vogle Firing Range

   Storage Tank (Hercules in Brunswick)


      ROTARY DRYERS fabricated for AWT Jesup, GA

                                  ROTARY DRYER
*Filter Screens Mfg. and Rebuilt            
*Blower Repairs and Rebuilt
*Rubber Covered Screw Conveyors
*Rubber Covered Agitators
*Reed Rolls and Stellite Tipes
*Ribbon Blenders Mixers Rebuilt
*Trunion Built Up machine
*Cowan Screen Rotors Rebuilt
*Reel Cores Mfg. and Rebuilt
*Agitators Mfg. and Rebuilt
*Engine Type Conveyor Sprockets
*Conveyor Troughing
*Conveyor Chain
*Chain Flights for Conveyor
*Conveyor Pulleys
*Digester Bolts
*Material Handling Equipment Mfg.
*Chlorine Mixers Repaired
*Chlorine Mixers Manufactured
*Thick Stock Pumps Rebuilt
*Rubber Line Mixers
*All Fabricating and Welding Including
Titanium Inconnell and Stainless Steel
*Calendared Face Wire for Washers
*Breast Plates
*Dryer Sleeves
*Grit Screws for Limeslaker
*Grit Rakes for Limeslaker
*Hot Knot Rotors Rebuilt
*Bucket Elevator Mfg.
*Trailers for Fuel Handling Pumps
*Customized Work Platforms
*Vacuum Pumps Rebuilt
*Valves Rebuilt
*Pumps Rebuilt
*Radar Feeders Rebuilt
*Bark Hammers Mfg.
*Bark Hammers Rebuilt
*Screw Conveyors Mfg.
*Screw Conveyors Rebuilt
*Aerators Repaired
*Steam Mixers Mfg.
*Steam Mixers Repaired
*Motor Mounts Mfg.
*Pump Shafts
*Pump Sleeves
*Commercial Buildings
*Industrial Building and much, much more!
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