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Machine Shop Equipment


Mazack Quick Turn 250 HP

11" dia.-19" between centers
2 5/8" thru spindle

Lehman SN C424
34" swing-276" between centers
21" swing over carriage

25" swing-17" swing over carriage
144" between centers

Standard Modern Model 20/120
20" swing-13" swing over carriage
144" between centers

Standard Modern Model 13/40
13" swing-8" swing over carriage
40" between centers

14" swing-8" swing over carriage
36" between centers

Boring Mills

5" Union Gear Horizontal Mill
4'x5' Table Surface-DRO

96" Niles Vertical Mill
8' swing-41" under rail

Milling Machines

Mazack VTC 200 B
X-20, Y-40, Z-20-4th Axis

#4 Kearney Universal Treker
55"x12" table surface

3 Ea. Bridgeport Vertical
1 with DRO

Surface Grinders

2 Ea. Thompson Surface Grinder
18 1/2" long x 8" cross x 9 1/2" vertical

Press Brakes

200 Ton Cincinnati Press Brake
1/4" x12'-14" long bending capty

400 Ton Cincinnati GM 20
1/2" x 12'-24' long bending capty


Hem Saw V100 HLA-3

DoAll Band Saw Model C70

Dewalt Radial Arm Saw

Clifton & Baird Vertical Cold Saw

Hydraulic Presses

Chambersburg Two Post Hyd Press
35 1/2" distance between post

50 Ton Hydraulic Press

100 Ton Hydraulic Press

Mechanical Presses

Clearing 250 Ton Press
Bed Area 36"x90"

Johnson 125 Ton Press
Bed Area 30"x36"

Federal 90 Ton Press
Bed Area 30"x36"

Warco 100 Ton Press
Bed Area 30"x36"

Johnson 30 Ton Press
Bed Area 18"x24"

Johnson 60 Ton Press
Bed Area 20"x30"


Beam Punches

W.A. Whitney Web Punch
100 Ton Capacity

W.A. Whitney Flange Punch
100 Ton Capacity

Plate Roll

Bertch Plate Roll Machine
3/4"x8" Roll

Bride Cranes

2 Ea. 10 Ton Capacity

1 Ea. 15 Ton Capacity

1 Ea. 5 Ton Capacity


Peddinghouse 210 Super 16 Buffalo

Universal Model KBL 2 1/2"


1/4"x14' Stampco Plate Shear

3/4"x12' Cincinnati Plate Shear

3/8"x20' Cincinnati Power Shear

Threading Machines

3 Ea. Ridges 535 Machines

1 Ea. Ridges 1822 Mahine


Century Radial Drill 
6' x 19"

Air Compressors

1 Ea. Ingersol Rand SSR 50
Numerous Air Compressors

Refridgerated Air Dryer

Welders and Wire Feeders 

12 Ea. DC 600 Lincoln Welders w/wire feeder


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